Carpenter Cowboys

When my daughter started Middle School (ahh! I still can't believe it!) I thought I would work with the PTA in some way just as I did while she was in Elementary School. They needed help with the spirit wear. I thought, "Sure, I can do's what I do all the time, right?" Well, I didn't realize it would become a big, new project BUT I've had so much fun with this school!

The teachers and staff are so cool and kind; they love the kids and it shows everyday in the way they serve them. The PTA has enthusiastically welcomed the ideas I've presented and sells the spirit wear at all the events. I've loved working with them. I've enjoyed creating a line of items that aligns with my goals for ALTR APPAREL: soft and fashionable with a cool design while giving this non-profit a chance to raise funds. 

You can see the full line at their online store: CMS SPIRIT WEAR

My kid loves his CMS hoodie. I can’t get him to take it off! I swear he sleeps in it sometimes!
— Laura

What I love most is that I get to love on these kids. I keep hearing how much they are enjoying the new designs and the quality. I see them wearing the items all the time. Of course that makes me happy! I plan to get some kids together and take some "professional" pictures having them model these new styles. We will make some posters and hopefully these kids will feel extra special!

I was also asked to design and print some field trip shirts and am currently working with the AVID classes to help their shirt ideas come to life.

When you purchase items in my store, it's helping me work with this school. It allows me to sustain the non-profit work and help them raise funds.

If you know of a school or non-profit that would be fun to work with, please let me know! Working with Carpenter has been a blast and I love knowing I'm putting my gifts to use.

blue zip hoodie w.jpg

Blue Heather

A little old school letterman's jacket feel makes this zip hoodie unique. It's so soft and the felt letter C adds something special.